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Chef Mark Jonson is known for his unique concept and solutions when preparing Thailand cousin. By implementing their culture and making small adjustments towards American cousin. He is one of the 69 Certified Master Chefs in the United States, and he is one of the reasons why many people visit Rhong Tiam restaurant.

Chef Mark has been working there for the last ten years, bringing fresh energy and unique flavors from Thailand. He spent years there, perfecting his skills and knowledge. His food is a masterpiece, layered with intriguing flavors and in order to see this, you need to experience it.

Finding A Great Thai Restaurant In Chicago And Doing It In Style

Finding A Great Thai Restaurant In Chicago And Doing It In Style

Chicago is a city that has some of the finest cuisines that the world has to offer. It does not matter what kind of food that you desire, you can find a restaurant that will serve authentic cuisine, no matter whether it is dishes from Peru, Kenya, Russia, Greece or any other place on earth.

This is true of the incredible food from Thailand as well. Authentic Thai food is some of the very best you will ever taste, and adds centuries of different blends and spices to create food that is so scrumptious that your mouth will begin to water the moment you enter the restaurant.

There are several great establishments in Chicago, where you can get fantastic Thai food, but getting around the Windy City is not the easiest thing. This is why many look to the top limo service in Chicago to get them around to the destination of their choice, including that fine restaurant serving food from Thailand.

Truthfully, you do not want to miss out on the incredible tastes and aromas that Thai food creates, and now you don’t have to. Contact one of these limo services to have it escort you to the restaurant of your choice so that you can get a fantastic meal today.

While you’re at it, invite someone to join you. If you’re visiting Chicago on business or pleasure, then invite a good friend, companion, or someone you work with to join you for this extravagant and tasty meal. They will not only love that you treated them to an outstanding meal, but will find the added touch of you picking them up in a limousine to be a memorable experience that is sure to create a positive vibe about you.

There is no doubt that this is a great way to make a lasting impression.

Health Benefits Of Thai Food

Health Benefits Of Thai Food

Food from Thailand is different than anything else, in the lack of a better word. This made it more than just appealing and desirable, but also healthier than some other types of food. Thanks to the studies which have been conducted, now we know that Thai food offers a lot of health benefits. Pairing the Thai food with mobile massage Adelaide is actually a trend at the moment, which is very interesting.

  1. Fights bad cholesterol

Especially curry (red and green) are known for numerous health benefits. Still, they are the best when it comes to fighting bad cholesterol and providing anti-bacterial benefits. If we add the fact they are rich in vitamins, we can deduce why this meal is so healthy. Some common ingredients include lemongrass, garlic, onion, basil and etc.

  1. Aids digestion

Not all foods help your digestive tracts, but red curry will. Thanks to its shrimp-related ingredients, the meal is more than just beneficial for the digestive system of humans. It keeps the gut clean and increases the digestive capabilities. In addition, this meal also provides plenty of vitamins needed for the digestive system.

  1. Rich in proteins

The Tom Yum Koong meal has squid, fish and other ingredients which are rich in protein. They are also rich in vitamins, which is beneficial as well. This meal can be prepared in less than 30 minutes, but it is delicious and healthy.

  1. Boost the immune system

Coconut Chicken Galangal soup is probably the best meal to boost your immune system. It has been known for numerous health benefits, including the one we have just mentioned. Garlic, chicken, and herbs will not only make your immune system stronger but also provide iron which lacks in most diets of today.

  1. Prevents cancer

Not all foods come with this advantage, but yellow curry does. It is rich in specific ingredients which will protect your body from cancers. Ingredients include lemongrass, turmeric, galangal and etc. There is no need in telling you that it is a delicious meal.

  1. Rich in anti-oxidants

Most foods from Thai cuisine are rich in anti-oxidants. These are tiny compounds which will help you fight free radicals. In general, they assist you in living healthier and longer.


Thai food may look different, but it is more than just healthy. A variety of ingredients and specific preparation methods made this type of food the healthiest you can have at the moment.







Proper Financial Planning Can Mean You Can Truly Enjoy Seeing the Globe

Proper Financial Planning Can Mean You Can Truly Enjoy Seeing the Globe

It is so impressive how travel has advanced over the last hundred years. Just think about the fact that at the turn of the 20th century most people got from one location to another either by boat or by train. Now we are traveling on supersonic jets, living in space stations, and even some have traveled to the moon. It is truly remarkable how advanced mankind has become over the last hundred years.

Because of these advancements, you are now able to enjoy going to any place on the globe that you can envision. It does not matter what kind of destination you have in mind, whether it is a tropical resort, a golden beach, ice capped mountains, or crystal blue waters, you can reach any destination so that you can enjoy the finest aspects of life.

While this sounds great, it is important to understand that proper financial planning ensures that you have the opportunity to enjoy activities like this. The unfortunate aspect is that far too many younger people ignore this kind of planning, living for the moment, instead of seeking the assistance of places like Paradise Financial Group. Thus, when they are in their 40s and 50s they are unable to enjoy the globe because they have not planned properly.

However, some are and this is enabling them to be able to see things and do things that they never envisioned they would be able to do before. Whether it be skiing down the Alps, snorkeling off the coast of South Africa, or even eating Thailand food, they are now able to enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes that the earth has available for those who have planned properly. This is why it is imperative that you start doing so today so that you can enjoy your future of tomorrow.

Foods You Literally Must Try In Asian Restaurants

Going for a lunch or a dinner at Asian Restaurant is an unforgettable experience. Just imagine all foods you can eat there. If you have created your own meal, make sure to find the best place to buy YouTube views in order to make people aware of it. Anyway, here are the meals that must be tried in restaurants form the continent in question. Yes, all of them are different and delicious.

This is the first meal you simply must try in any of the Asian restaurants. It is just perfect. The fish is grilled together with sesame oil and the dressing in question is tangy. What you get is a completely new taste that hasn’t been tried ever before, probably.

  • Chicken with chilli

Here we have another meal that must be taken into consideration today. In essence, it is boneless chicken, paired with vinegar, soy sauce, and chillies. Make sure you get a warm meal because only then you will get the real taste that can make a difference. The end bite is just perfectly smooth and warm, obviously. In addition, this meal comes from Indo-China area in Asia.

  • Asian hazelnut wrapped in lettuce

This is another chicken food that is currently very popular in Asian Restaurants. Hazelnuts are wrapped in green lettuce and they come with coleslaw. The taste is literally natural and organic. You will probably be able to get flavors of all ingredients.

  • Prawn Tempura from Japan

Prawn Tempura is a crispy meal that is commonly used in the country of origin for parties. It is crispy and crunchy at the same time.

Once tried these foods will be common meals for you for the entire lifetime.









How To You Choose The Best Restaurants In Town


So, you are visiting a new town and would really like to find a place that offers you incredible food to eat. You not only want something that offers a fantastic cuisine, but are also looking for a place that might offer you something that’s kind of representative of the city you are visiting. This is what you want, but it’s not easy to figure out how to choose the best restaurants in town. You may have been looking for restaurants that provide quality food that’s good for your overall health and the next thing you know you’re getting results that say “best place for botox skin treatments gold coast” How does that happen?


There are few options you can do to be able to have success. The most common of these, that virtually everyone does, is to go online and search for restaurants in the area that you’re at. If you’re like most people who have chosen to do this, you quickly found that it wasn’t as easy to locate them as you were hoping for.

You probably gained a whole lot of results that you weren’t looking for it all, including restaurants in cities that weren’t anywhere near where you are located, and you may have even got some really crazy results.

If you are using an app on your phone you are probably getting a lot better results in terms of location, but trying to find the best is a whole different story. In all seriousness, who determines what is best? That’s not an easy question to answer. On top of that, who actually determines what is considered best?

If you are looking to try to find the best restaurants in the town that you were in than what you need to do is to narrow your search in a much more precise way. Including additional terms in your search phrase will really help you to be able to create a much better set of results in your browser.


For example, instead of saying “the best restaurants in Phoenix,” it makes much better sense to say something like “restaurants in Phoenix offering burritos with four-star rating.” By doing a search in this way, you will narrow down the results to restaurants that fit a specific kind of food that you would like to enjoy, and by choosing the rating you can get better quality style restaurants.

For some who would just go with the search that was “restaurants in Phoenix offering burritos” you should be aware that the results can be quite extensive and not necessarily offering you outstanding food. No offense to fast food restaurants, but no one would say that burritos made at these establishments are the best you will find.

By adding a few additional words to your search, you will have a much better time at finding the specific kind of restaurant you are looking for that will also offer you outstanding food. Take a few extra moments to get more detailed in your search and you’ll be glad you did.

Thai food for beginners – how to order a great office meal

Thai food for beginners – how to order a great office meal

Bursting with different flavors, various spices, and ingredients, Thai food is incredibly diverse and tasty. You shouldn’t be surprised why this food is one of the top – ordered in the offices. But, if you are new to this cousin, it can be pretty intimidating because your choice is vast and you will not know what to order. Does something that has a strange name can taste that good, it most certainly can. You just need to get familiar with Thai culture and cousin, and you will be eating this every day at work. Below are some meals we would like to recommend you, and we guarantee you they are delicious.


Larb is a salad, but don’t expect to see a lot of lettuce or green stuff. This salad is a mixture of diced meat, mushrooms, tofu, herbs, onion, and spices. To mix everything, Larb may contain lemon juice or fish sauce. Depending on a restaurant, some of the add toasted rice, to get an excellent and crunchy texture. This dish can be an appetizer, but it’s also served as the whole meal. It is delicious, light and it will keep you going through the day.


The Curry Rundown

Curry Rundown is one of the favorite meals in American Thai restaurants. Coconut milk – based curries come in different shapes, you can choose various types of meat, such as shrimp, chicken, pork and tofu, which is the most common. Almost any restaurant will ask you how spicy you’ll want your carry. If you are new to this cousin, start with mild or medium. Otherwise, you won’t be able to eat it.

Massaman curry

The meaning of this dish “Muslim curry,” it originates from Muslims who inhabited some parts of Malaysian island near Thailand. The main ingredients are beef or lamb, it has a unique combination of flavors, and this is one of the reasons why many people love to order it. In this dish, you will find spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

Massaman curry

Green curry

You can already guess the color of this meal. Made of green chilies, lemon grass, kaffir lime and sweet basil. Eggplant is usually the main vegetable in this meal and chicken the most favorite meat. Green curry is a great meal for beginners if you want to experience the Thailand culture and cousin.

Food tips – what to eat in Thai restaurant

Food tips – what to eat in Thai restaurant

If you are one of those people, who love Thai food, but always order the same dishes because you aren’t sure if you will like the new things you order. There are a lot of people who visit Thai restaurant don’t know what to order, or they are afraid of ordering new meals. Considering that Thailand cousin is very attractive, with a variety of spices and meat, no matter what you get, you will enjoy it. Thai food mostly depends on a country in which is made, and if you choose a good restaurant, you will be able to enjoy a proper meal. So, here are the dishes you need to try.

Pad Thai

Almost anyone knows about Pad Thai because this is a very popular dish in America, Canada, and the UK. A mixture of fried thin noodles, oyster sauce, tamarind sauce, scrambled eggs, shrimps, and scallions. Pad Thai is a very simple dish, but still very delicious. Many people also decide to make it in their kitchen instead of going to the restaurant.

Lab Moo


Lab Moo

The Lab Moo is an excellent meal, especially if you like spices. If you like a bigger amount of spices, you just say “my ped” and they will make you exactly like this. Lab Moo originates from northeastern parts of Thailand, and there are several variations of this dish. You can have it with pork, duck, chicken, fish and beef. In traditional recipes, you can still find the pork skin, but if you don’t like this, make sure tell that to a chef. Lab Moo is a very delicious meal, and you can choose it both for lunch or dinner.

Yum Woon Sen


Yum Woon Sen

As the name states, this is a salad made of noodles. Glass thin noodles are mixed with tomatoes, scallions, onion, squid, or shrimp and pork instead. Chili peppers, lemon, and mushrooms are used as spices. Keep in mind that this dish can be very spicy if you not into this type of meals, you better avoid them. On the other hand, you can always tell the chef to limit the amount of chili in Yum Woon Sen.

Bpoo Pad Pongaree

If you love crabs, then this is a great meal for you. Fired crabs and mixed with curry powder. This meal is very delicious, and the absence of chili papers will be ideal for people who don’t love spicy food. You can find this meal in almost every restaurant in America.

Top 4 Thai dishes you need to try

Top 4 Thai dishes you need to try

Thailand is one of the most visited states in the world. With beautiful beaches, great nightlife and excellent food people come to this part of the world to relax and enjoy stunning landscape. Nowadays, you don’t need to go to Thailand, to try Thai food, considering how much restaurants there is. If you enjoy spicy, colorful and unique flavors, then Thai dishes are the right choice for you. We have prepared the list of things you need to try, and this dishes will wake up your taste buds.

Pad Thai


Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one the of the most famous Thai dishes, but often young chefs ruin it in their restaurant. But, if you have never visited Thailand, you won’t be able to notice the difference. With traditional Thailand spices, sauces and noodles, this meal will make you eat it every day. Many modern restaurants serve this dish as their specialty. If you ever visit Thai restaurant, make sure to order this meal.

 Spring Rolls

Many people love eating spring rolls as a street snack food. Spring rolls are a quick appetizer or midday snack. You can order it before each meal. They are pretty light, and you can eat them at any moment. Dipped in chili sauce, they will be a great appetizer. If you are in Thailand, you don’t have to visit Thai restaurant to eat spring rolls; you can find them on the streets because people prepare it in small stalls.

Kai Jeow


Kai Jeow

If you want to have a good and tasteful breakfast, then you need to try Kai Jeow, a Thai omelet. It is a mixture of eggs, fish sauce, and chilies. This topping is served over the white rice, and it is coated in sweet chili sauce. You might be surprised with this combination, but it tastes exquisite. If you ever meet with this dish, don’t avoid it because of its unique ingredients, try it, and you will be thrilled.

Pad Kra Pao

Minced pork or chicken fried with different spices, usually mixed with basil and chilies and spread over the rise. This dish is appetizing, and it can give you a little kick if you love spicy food. If you don’t like spicy food, you can always ask the chef to make you the lighter version. But, still be prepared, this dish will seize you and make you breathe the fire.


and have a good time