About Rhong-Tiam



Rhong-Tiam was founded by Andy Yang in 2008, with the support and help of Erik Cheah. it opened in a small, secluded space on LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village. Within a very short period of time, it became a true destination restaurant – receiving rave reviews from the New York Times, as well as from the neighborhood and various food blogs. After receiving a Michelin star in 2010, an expansion was in order.

Rhong-Tiam has now opened our new flagship express store in the heart of Gramercy.


The key to Rhong-Tiam’s mission is in our name. Rhong-Tiam means an inn, the traditional center of hospitality. In ancient Asia, an inn would combine a space for rest and relaxation with the most authentic and noteworthy food of the province in which it was located. We remain true to that spirit by offering food from throughout Thailand, remaining true to our roots in every province of the country.

There are many Thai restaurants in New York City and throughout the east coast, but few know how to use the proper spices and follow the original methods of cooking that make Thai cooking truly unique.

At Rhong-Tiam, Chef Yang endeavors to serve his guests the authentic Thai food that real Thai people eat. We never skimp on the process of cooking and refuse to sacrifice the freshness of our ingredients. We use fresh coconut milk for our curries as well as fresh Thai basil and chilies, handpicked from Chef Yang’s garden.



Andy Yang, founder and executive chef of Rhong-Tiam, holds an MBA but gained his true education from his family. His great grandmother was a cook to the King of Thailand and passed down a wealth of culinary knowledge to her family.

It was Chef Yang’s mother who inspired him to cook and taught him, side by side, the proper and traditional methods of authentic Thai cooking as well as a wealth of ancient recipes.

Andy’s father opened restaurants in Thailand and Hong Kong, which are known for serving rare dishes not to be found elsewhere. Since moving to America in 1997, Chef Yang has brought the philosophy to New york City. At Rhong-Tiam, he serves authentic Thai dishes, the likes of which are rarely seen outside of Southeast Asia. Spice and strong flavors are his trademarks.

Chef Yang deftly balances the spice, sweet, salty, and tart elements of Thai cuisine to offer an experience that is completely unique while always remaining loyal to tradition. It is hard to find a partner who shares his passion and knows how to truly handle an authentic Thai kitchen, so Andy is thrilled to have found a chef de cuisine and business partner in Erik Cheah, a skilled chef and longtime friend who truly understands both the subtleties of Asian cooking and the demands of a New York City restaurant.