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Our restaurant opened its doors to customers in 1980, for 37 years we have held the tradition of Thailand cousin. This is one of the first Thailand restaurants in this part of the U.S. When we first appeared on the market, people we very skeptical to try something different and new. With tasty food and friendly personnel, we soon managed to seize their attention.

Through our restaurant, you can find ambiance ranging from classical to modern twist. We want you to feel relaxed and to experience Thai culture in the appropriate way. Our restaurant isn’t just about the food; we also organize special nights dedicated to Thai culture because we want our visitors to get familiar with it.

We serve different types of Thai food implementing different styles, from Beef Salad and Pahd Thai to Curry Duck. The authenticity of the dishes and spices make our restaurant one of the best in this area. Our spices are directly imported from Thailand because we want to provide you the best experience while you eat our food.

This restaurant is a family based business, but over the time, as the number our customers grew, we had to hire an additional number of people. Now we are one of the most acclaimed restaurants, and people love our food.

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